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Michael's teachings focuses on truly empowering his students through technique and freedom of expression.  

Giving individual attention to each student is a goal in every class for Michael.  He strives to create a classroom environment that is open, creative and inspiring.  He helps his students to connect their full selves through movement and music.

Complete Musical Theatre Training
Dance, Voice, Song Intrepretation, Master Classes

Jazz (Broadway Style and Classic Jazz): Michael begins with a warm-up which incorporates stretches, strengthening and technique.  Michael approaches his jazz warm up with the philosophy that it’s a place to work on technique and to open one’s mind to continued learning.  This is followed by across-the-floor progressions which focus on stylization, technical execution, and creativity.  A challenging

combination follows in the particular class style.  Certain technical specifics can be emphasized according to the studio’s needs (i.e. pirouettes, leaps, fouettes, etc) …sometimes it is helpful for students to hear a step explained from a different point of view.   


Ballet: Michael's class is focused on correcting the issues and challenges that he is seeing today in the dance world (i.e. – Body Alignment, Pirouettes, Weight Change, etc.)  They are complete classes consisting of barre and center.  Center work consist of pas de bourrées,  waltz step (pas de valse),  promenades and pirouettes en dehors and en dedans,

along with other things that he sees fit to work on.  Depending on age, level and ability, classes generally  90 minutes.



Voice Training - Visit Michael's Voice Lesson Page click HERE



Song Interpretation Workshops - Michael's Song Interpretaion classes focus on assisting his students to connect completely to their material no matter what style or language.  Michael uses techniques that he has had the privilege of learning from great masters.  Tony Award Winner Betty Buckley was one of Michael's greatest influences both as a teacher and an artist. Michael also incorporates his extensive trainging with with Alexander Technique Master Chloe Wing in New York City and his time at the Imagined Life Acting Studio in Los Angeles. 



Master Classes Are Available for Schools and Studios

Full Musical Theatre Workshops (combination of all disciplines) Also Available


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